Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dog Wagons East

dog wagons east
There are only two things that concern me, but I forgot what they were. With that in mind ... lets move on because there is plenty with a CAPITOL P to cover here in this post. I have used Facebook so much that it seems more of a WALL update, but it is not that. Bloggers blog, or post. Did you ever notice that many blogs do not blog at all? I did. Why does this carry a vital importance? It doesn't! Especially when we need to talk about Arnold's love child. That's a misnomer I think, because love was probably not the reasoning behind the bastard baby. I was just informed that bastard baby is a very derogatory term, and a wee bit offensive, so I will be deleting that from this "post". An official "sorry" from Hollydale. (( Whoooooops ))
On to our next bullet point, we focus on the Twins. Yes, baseball is looking very sad this year and I take blame. When there is blame to be taken, I will be there. I hit a few home runs as a kid in little league you know.
In weather news, it seems that meteorologists just cannot saying Omega Block. Seems we have an omega block this week in the USA. I bet Omega Man is behind all this jet stream manipulation! That, or maybe that high bird corn is destroying the universe. Someone needs to send out the
bat signal before we all end up over at Myspace. I would rather use an etch-a-sketch to communicate than Myspace. BARF
In kitchen news, I got a new fridge last week. It holds a lot of crap! So much crap that I cannot remember what all I bought and put in it. I usually just open it up, look inside, and say, "Boy Ohhh is that a lot of crap". So far I really like it, even if I don't know what to make for dinner.
My dog is wild crazy K9 happy as the trail is open for business. He runs and runs and runs ... and I slowly walk along behind. I was thinking about getting a wagon and a hot dog to hang from a stick. That way the dog could chase the hot dog and I could simply ride along in comfort. I could even blog and post while rolling along the winding hills all through the woods.

2.5 men and a hillbilly

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