Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leap in Faith

Leap in Faith

I often laugh, I seldom cry
tears of pain cut sharply
washed my face, accepted grace
replace them with tears of happiness, tears from answered prayer
change of location, change of place

I am a product of my experience
the culmination of choice
I have been many people, switching roads, lowering my voice
who is right is not the key
rather the resonance in myself, truth to me

I use the word peace so often
how I think, how I project
peace means something different on the sea
if you carry it you can share it, yet we all choose
Unless my path is my own, the word has no worth

I may drift, I might loose direction
not every moment is filled with zeal
adrenalin charged moments cannot last
look to the future and run back to the past

Healed with forgiveness, in unison with self
maybe it all does make sense
I did not start the war
OK I'm ready ... turns the handle, opens the door

Small bench to hurdle, massive leap in faith

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