Friday, April 8, 2011

late night worst post in history

wheaties fuel image from wordpress, thank you wordpress
i am watching tv and eating cereal in bed ... evidently it seems i am also blogging on my netbook, next to the bowl of cereal
this blog post contains zero html hyper language (sorry google bot)
ok, i added a picture that is not mine, so the no html thing was a lie, or at least it is a lie in the near foooooture. someone might leave mean comments about the picture, because it is not mine, but that will be ok
i thought this wheaties fuel cereal would be good, but it sucks, do not buy it, because it sucks!
yes, i took a nap, and now i am up late, and yes I work tomarrah, yes, i like to misspell tomorrow now my cat is watching me, seems very interested in paw typing

in the news, a budget deal was struck in washington to trim .00001 percent of the deficit, boy they really do know what they are doing after all !

do i look like a turtle ??
my new vest is in the vestibule

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