Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Laurel and Hardy Netflix with Gout

Laurel and Hardy gout foot feet toes
We all have times when you simply throw up your hands and simply give up ... then laugh. Days when no matter how good our intentions are, we seem to have results that do not match. Have you ever noticed that some people understand you easily, while others misconstrue every gesture?

"Why can't you do something to HELP me" !??? (( turns corner with board and knocks pedestrian in the back ))

Doctor Shoal: That's the worst case of gout I ever saw.
Speedcat: What causes it?
Doctor Shoal: Too much high living.
Speedcat: In that case, I better move down to the basement.

TOO MUCH HIGH LIVING !! Maybe that's my problem, but then again I am just renting ... on the fourth floor.

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No, I am not selling stuff, but my pagerank is going into the toilet.

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