Monday, July 18, 2011


dual screen spacebook

For the first part of this post I will simply ramble on about nothing in particular because i am not typing i am talking to voice recognition and letting my new virtual secretary jot down the whole ball of wax it works great but when you need punctuation it lacks technology and if you say period it just writes period oh well it is kind of interesting and my first time talk blogging

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that said "The cost of your home -- including taxes, maintenance and other costs -- should not exceed 28% of your monthly income" HAA!! After laughing for a few minutes, I cried a bit

Dual-Screen SpaceBook Laptop Up for Pre-Order [UPDATED]

With the the new duel screen Spacebook you can tweet and update your wall at the same time. It is a social media bomshell! Of course, some bloggers hate social media, but they can be reading two blogs at once and have google reader open in a different tab. Me? I have 3 computers going at once at home, and run android mobile web. If I am doing the math correctly, that would mean the addition of a Spacebook would give me 7 screens! I need a bigger desk .... and a third hemisphere in my brain " like the new age loonies have".

Update on Browser Support from Blogger states that you NEED a new browser for shit to be working right, especially after August. I always knew that the Chrome wars were choking off IE users, but now it is clear and defined. I had to download Chrome just to post anything here at the Speedcat Hollydale page without writing ALL the code myself. While that is the best way, sometimes a man just wants to rip and clip with the WYSIWYG editor. Yes, I have peeked at some of your source codes out there, and WOOOO WEEEE what a WYSIWYG mess! Sometimes, I have to look away, and pretend I don't see it. To be fair, Chrome is simple and fast as a rokit. I like the post correcting spell checker too. Want BOLD print? You got it. I remember when you could blog with WIN 95 and a dial up web connection. Those were the days - just ask my "Big Brother".

Dangerous heat wave forecast for half the country

It is really f***** hot ... nuff said. I went outside at 10:00 PM and the dew point was 84F. You need dry ice packs taped to your chest to survive, and ice cream to be happy. Ehhhh, I guess that's not so bad.


Ohh, and one last note ... as part of my no work post, the images are not from my computer, so they may disappear or attract angry commenters

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