Saturday, August 20, 2011

GIANT mess of a Post and maybe the WORST ever!


So, as a big blogging CHEAT, and also a curiosity experiment, I am going to attempt loading my Face Book feed here. Yes, I know any blogger reading this will feel ripped off, so my apologies in advance. Not sure how this will work, but as I always say, "Forge on ahead like you are on fire and wearing horse blinders". [[ yes, I do that sometimes ]]. If my blog blows up or some AJAX cop shows up with a blog warrant please call my mother and let her know I am in blogging prison. As far a Facebook coding goes it is a java applet scripting wild western with tech geeks playing John Wayne. HIGH HO AJAX AND AWAY !!! OK, maybe that was the Lone Ranger? LONE AJAX RANGERS ?

Speedcat Hollydale PICATSO


EDIT: Seems my new LIKE/UNLIKE button has bugs. DAMMIT !!! back to the drawing board as they say. Next week I will hijak the twitloader. lol

Speedcat Hollydale Official Gingerbread Update 4.5.602 Ready For Rooted Droid X
Is your Droid X currently rooted, but you want the latest Gingerbread version for all the bug fixes? Well, you’re in luck! MyDroidWorld has posted files and instructions for your Droid X rooting pleasure. Here’s how the rooting process is going to go down:

2 hours ago My personal favorite nebula is called the "Bug" or "Butterfly" Nebula. If you had to pick ONE nebula as your bestest greatest nebula, which nebula would it be? Remember, picking two nebulas is cheating in this nebulean poll of greatest nebulas. NEb YOU laHHHHHHHHH !!!!!! high YAH

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Speedcat Hollydale
Speedy steals the Facebook Feed and creates international meltdown: SPEEDCAT HOLLYDALE PAGE: GIANT mess of a Post and maybe the WORST ever! Has worked at Hollydale International Group inc.., Studied at Hollydale Acadamee of Chikins and Polltearies, Lives in Hollydale, California ...Knows Português, Polish, Swedish and 7 others, From Barcelona, Spain




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