Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall / Winter 2011 Makeup Trends

With the great fall / winter 2011 makeup trends play, all you have to do is browse through the new styles and choose your favorites. Looking fabulous has never been easier, so take a look at what is and what is outside so you can see a perfect picture every time!

The new make-up trends autumn / winter 2011 season is set and ready to try the women this year is different. Makeup should be fun, so why be afraid to explore the vast and marvelous world of make-up as the best make-up is that it can be removed and redone many times as you want. Go for a romantic look that is based on a light, pastel colors, go to the cities and to choose the color or shades of makeup to go glam and try the rich, soft tones that scream look-at-me!

Simply superb, the new make-up trends autumn / winter 2011 look great, and is suitable for a variety of styles, skin tones and flavors, so pick your favorite and always make sure you keep up with the latest trends fashionista in real life is always top of the game.


"Au naturel" is definitely the word that does not want to lose the make-up terminology like the beauty of nature can not be completed. If you're in a romantic look that emphasize simplicity and femininity, to select the essential elements, such as foundation, concealer, blush and mascara a few. Perfect skin does not deserve to be hidden, so you get the best out of it, emphasizing perfection. Professional makeup to enhance your eyes and give them a touch unbelievable, or radiation, you can certainly benefit from a white eyeliner applied to the waterline, so use a fine, high quality white eyeliner pencil to brighten the eyes.

Earth tones are a perfect match for fans of urban style, so weigh your look with a little soft brown tones. Brown and blue is "IT" shades of the season so far as the makeup is going to try and give your eyes just the right touch of color. If you are not a big fan of eye shadow, you can just choose a nice makeup eyeliner and enhance your lashes to perfection with a mascara black / brown.

If you like the theater, go bold and dive into the wonderful world of darkness bright as the navy, green and black colors / gray depending on what best suits your style. Colors of the layers of a beautiful eye makeup, the capture of a mystery that adds appeal can not be neglected.

Blush shades that complement your complexion like peach, pink and brown is a must in your kit beauty of this season, while shades of lipstick can be maintained in the area of ​​subtle or bold with colors like nude, the red brick or glamorous.

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