Thursday, September 29, 2011

Special Care Tips Holidays

Our skin is the best reflection of our health and mental state. Every woman wants to have a glowing skin, especially during the holiday season. Since it is the makeup, the only way to hide some defects, you must follow special skin care tips vacation. Change some habits, you will notice the difference and you will have a healthy skin, the light is possible.

First, we must be aware that everything comes from within. Therefore, a sick body usually shows a dull skin, with many problems. To change this, you should start the process all the special attention of the skin on holiday time with a period of detoxification to help you eliminate all toxins. A smarter thing to do is drink in the morning on an empty stomach, a glass of warm water with some lemon. The diuretic effect combined with the antioxidant effect of vitamin C contributes significantly to the elimination of toxins. Holidays skin care also requires maximum attention and a moisturizer from head to toe.
# The food is an essential element when it comes to skin care in general. A balanced diet and drink plenty of water can have a dramatic effect on the skin. Of all beverages, water is the best. You can drink unlimited quantities as long as you have no medical restrictions. Free of calories, water hydrates the body without the risk of gaining weight. You can also drink herbal tea without adding sugar. A balanced diet is also crucial that saturated fats and refined sugars involve important metabolic changes, especially in the liver and intestines. These molecules produce many free radicals that are responsible, among other things, the monotony of the skin.

# In this context, it is a great thing you can do to bring balance to your intestinal flora. This is a very effective barrier against pathogens and opportunistic microorganisms different. By restoring the normal function of the intestinal flora, toxins are not accumulated, while the ball becomes history. You can create the balance of flora have yeast (capsules) or yogurt contains Bifidus. Although at first you feel bloated after a few days everything will come to normal.

We all know that the holiday season usually means that stress, which can affect how our skin is, negatively speaking. That is why stress, meditate and oxygenate the cells. You must keep your mind happy without insisting that every little detail. In addition, meditation and walking in the park or anywhere you can breathe fresh air may have beneficial effects not only on his mental state, but also on your skin.
Vacation Specials Skin Care Tips

# Addition to all the steps you must take to restore their state of balance your body and interior, you also pay a lot of attention to your ritual they Skincare. During the cold winter days, Skin Need attention a specialty. If you HAVE a summer probably skip Part Hydra aunt, panting absolutely necessary. Every morning, clean and apply a night cream a hydra A soft office until he enter Your Skin. Cleaning a penny EST afgørende be fait même If you are the Very tired.

# Our skin acts as a perfect barrier and is constantly influenced by external stressors such as pollution or cold. It is therefore important to more than a scrub and exfoliate twice a week to remove dead skin cells that clog pores and suffocate the skin. The result will look bright. During the winter, use a gentle exfoliator. You should also consider the use of masks according to your skin type and needs.

# Do not forget your body as you also need to moisturize the skin. A week before the holidays, exfoliate your skin with products from algae and cinnamon because it will help remove any dead cells. Then apply a lotion is rich in minerals and vitamin E to soothe and moisturize the skin.

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