Friday, September 30, 2011

Winter 2011 Makeup Tips

This season is a time for you to stand out and experiment with bolder styles of makeup. From bold eyeliner and darker shades of Smokey eyes, lips and nails, look at some of the hottest trends, and in winter 2011 Make-up tips you can try. If you're more natural makeup style, do not worry, because there are possibilities for you. You just have to practice looking for a flawless make-up of at least amount of effort.

If until now you were not a big fan of eyeliner for the winter of 2011 that has to come out of his shell, take risks and pay more attention to your eyes. Perhaps it is difficult to apply, but with practice and patience, that will definitely have to do things, especially now that everything is possible, every shape and size. In addition, a Glam lipstick can add and femininity in a moment. Here are some makeup tips to draw inspiration for her makeup looks Winter 2011.

# Eyeliner can be seen as a lifeline for girls with smaller eyes and want to bring depth to them. You can apply the eyeliner on the upper deck just to add expressiveness to his eyes. If you use a liquid liner, make small lines in the interior and exterior corner in the middle, and then connect. For the lower eyelid is preferable to use an eyeliner pencil. For a night out with friends to treat cat eye makeup for a sexy look.

# The famous Smokey eye makeup makes a comeback from the 2011 winter makeup trends that come in so many different versions. This season is the classic smoky eye makeup off and it was reinvented and redefined in an elegant and very creative. You can try version two colors, but be sure to keep the serious tone by using darker shades of brown, gold and taupe. Pair black and gray, gold and brown or gray and blue. Also the soft smoky eye color works well with a makeup nude lips and skin. You can also try a version that bold and innovative spotted at Chanel.

# This is the perfect time for you to play with eye shadow in different colors, if you choose soft shades of pink, beige or brown, or chocolate shades in hand, more powerful and purple or hot. We can not forget that the popular and metal like gold or silver for a shiny look.

For winter 2011 # You have permission to use light eye shadow over the entire upper eyelid, even to his forehead. There is no need to use mascara or eyeliner, but keep the makeup simple as possible. It is fashionable and light, but you must feel it and wear it with confidence.

# Orange is not only the lips. This season turns into a bold version of the eyes too. It is a porcelain doll skin, beautiful orange eyes make-up can be represented by detailed, which brings attention to the look with the addition of light contact, and electrical systems. It 'a great choice for a special evening.

# However, the warm winter to the cries, the colors of the earth, not only in clothing but also on the eyelids. For fall / winter 2010-2011, you can try the purple tones, which are so hot. You may refer to the classic look of the 20's and go for a retro makeup to achieve a specific result and highlights. However, be sure to use in moderation during the day. The best thing to do is draw a fine line at the root of the lashes.

# We all love the eyebrows rebels! We must not forget, because they play an important role in your appearance. This season, keep your eyebrows as natural as possible when it comes to their shape or color. Make a smart investment to buy and eyebrow pencil from the creamy texture to improve a little 'healthy glow. After application, pencil, style them using the gel.

# The natural, healthy and glowing skin is looking so hot this winter. Therefore, it is time to forget the mask effect. The first thing you should do the trick naked is appropriate to treat the skin. This means that all of the following key steps for cleaning and nourishing on a daily basis, applying the mask, and wash once a week and use a special product, if it has to do with specific skin problems. Winter of 2011, the Foundation should become the second skin texture slightly.

# In this season, the nude makeup is not necessarily boring. Instead, choose a bright, fresh makeup with a pearly blush or powder that can reflect light. Choose a blush in a natural color, such as peachy, coral or pink. Do not use it in the middle of the cheekbone, but on the sides, against the temples with circular movements to add a sculptural touch to your look and glamorous. If the color of blush is stronger, avoid using too much eye makeup and lips.

# A minimalist approach when it comes to makeup requires a variety of tips and tricks, and various products such as foundation, concealer, powder and illuminator, which must be correctly applied to the skin to achieve a flawless looking skin .

# Red is passion. 2011 marks the winter of intense color on the lips. It 'time to venture out without a deep lipstick color, even during the day. More sensual, sexy and stylish touch to the overall appearance of choosing a shade red is available in a wide range of this season. Holidays, red lipstick is a retro hairstyle incredibly beautiful.

# The warm color Cherry Lips. It is a flattering shade for as long as the skin looks perfect. This period may follow the rule says that requires a strong color of your lips a natural makeup for eyes and you can try the latest trend in red as the lips and eyes. Do not use colors as well as the need to be darker than the others.

# For those of you who are more into the natural makeup, there is also the opposite trend in the lip makeup dramatic as this winter seems to go too far with a slightly lighter version. To get the look, cover your lips with a soft layer of foundation and apply some lip gloss. The bare lips will enhance your features and bring out the color of your eyes.

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