Monday, October 3, 2011

A Better Gift For My Teacher

Professor Angel is my favorite professor during my time in college. I like his teaching style very well. It is always fun, intelligent and energetic. We are teachers and students in the classroom, but also very good friends after school. We still share a book, film or a wonderful place together. Sometimes he invites me to his family barbecue. His grandson seems to me too.

Last week he invited me to his birthday party. Since I am an older student, and I will leave this study after graduation, I will probably be the last birthday with him. So I want to choose a meaningful and practical gift, and send good luck to him.

I think a lot about the gift and contacted several of my friends, but still have no idea about it. This Sunday afternoon I searched the internet to find new ideas. I saw someone suggest books, CDs, or a famous painting. But these things were out of fashion, and my teacher always wants to try something new.

Just then a website called Glassesshop me. Well, it's not very often for people to send a pair of glasses as a gift, but it reminded me of something. The introduction of the site says it can make glasses that are made to people with poor vision. I remember once I went to the beach with him and his family, he said my sunglasses were really cool and it was a shame for him not to have a pair of sunglasses for all its life. I did not know the concept of prescription sunglasses at a time if just to express my sympathy and told him he is a man without cool sunglasses!

So I searched the site with care. I thought there was a wide variety of sunglasses and most of them went well. A pair of sunglasses for man came into his eyes and thought it was simply made of it! I clicked on the image to see a clear, said providing prescription glasses and lenses include UV protection 400. I remember that the strength of the glass of my master, and then entered the information and ordered prescription eyeglasses. The price was only $ 69! I was very pleased with this gift I chose and was directed only to receive them and expect them to be the same as those of the image.

The day before yesterday, I have. Yesterday I went to my professor a party with them. Mr. Angel was a little surprised when he opened the box. But when I told him it was a pair of prescription glasses and the lens was just his strength, he placed them, and can not believe it. He said that his world was the first time so clear and shot in this stunning coffee-colored simultaneously. He thanked me and said he was really happy with this gift. He said the gift was so perfect and intelligent, like me!

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