Friday, October 21, 2011

Summer Makeup Tips 2012

Summer is the time to give your body a healthy tan and protect against the horrors of sunburn, dry lips in the scorching heat Sun There are some disasters that can occur in the summer sun or an afternoon relaxing on the beach do not pay enough attention too. Therefore, to prevent those who were taking a look at some of the summer are things we should focus on:

* Try not to put on lip liner

* Use fresh colors of eye shadow with black or brown mascara

* You can use a powder transparent if you want the perfect summer show

* Try using conditioner for your hair

* Use a glint of gold beneath the eyebrows, cheekbones, or the entire

* Use the nuances of the foundation of your skin tanned to hide your eyes

* Dab of sunscreen on your face before going out

* Use an eyeliner pencil of slate gray, chocolate or navy shades

* Use gel on your hair

* Use colored lipstick to fashion

Therefore, these look great with advice given above.

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