Sunday, October 16, 2011

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A two pound dog named "martin" won the annual Midwest logging championship this last weekend. In the the contests 45 minute run, this Chihuahua chopped down 188 trees and cleared 2.5 hectors of land. While this might be a new world record, officials are attempting to verify data.

Just in time for Halloween and the candy season in general, Cadbury has released its new super colon clearing Butt Break Chunk. 

No longer will you need to take action against eating large doses of empty calorie sludge, because the flushing action will be built right in. Had a hard day at work and feel all bound up? Need to get rid of a few extra pounds for your Dancing with the Stars TV show appearance? Now its as simple as unwrapping a delicious butt break square. The future of candy ... here today.

The Very Large Array National Radio Telescope needs a new name contest

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is taking ideas for a new name. The public and fellow scientists are encouraged to brainstorm and come up with a new title for the "Very Large Array of New Mexico"
This is the telescope was featured in feature film "Contact" and "Shallow Hal 2001"
The quest for a new name comes after the radio telescope had an extreme update. Officials say the Very Large Array's old 1970s electronics have been replaced with state-of-the-art equipment, so a new name should reflect its new capabilities. Of course, we know that all public entries will be disregarded, and some nerd will call the facility Nebula One, I thought my blog could be the community chest of blogger submissions! Lets get the old ball rolling with my own ideas, and you can add a few in my comments.

( hello Sandee and Daisy )

1. Big Long Bowl Collectivi
2. Space Time bender peeki thinggee
3. Los Lobos !
4. The Quark Tube of Plenty Radio Beacons
5. The Corn Dog Array

The Next Huge Oil Spike 
is about 3 months away. 
I suggest driving a 
LOT in November,
 then getting out your bike. 
Yes, I know you have one 
in the garage. Why is it so dusty?
 Because you abandon the 
poor bike in 2007

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New Android Ice Cream Sandwich Gmail, email, and calendar widgets leak out to the Speedcat Hollydale Page ( below )

Slick Willie Clinton's birthday was held with stars from Hollywood and the music industry. When asked to blow out candles on the big cake, Bill had Lady Gagagaa do the honors. She then sang like M. Monroe and made a sweater out of the roast duck. This did not sit well with the former president turned vegan, so he started drinking beer with the guys. Before long he wanted everyones shirts off, and he demanded that each guest whisper in his ear that " I am not THAT woman ".
Hillary was absent for most of the night, and many rumors have floated around that she was attacked by her latest pant suit.


Last but not least, I don't think we can have a news feed without something about the 'Occupy' Wall Street protesters. While I am not going to get into politics in detail, It seems that the group is divided into segments that are angry about bankers that run the planet, and those simply mad at rich people. One thing I know for sure is that these guys ( above ) have the occupy biz down to a science. Nothing like a davenport to make a day of rebellion more enjoyable. GAME ON !!


Sunday, October 16, 2011 Hollydale News Feed

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