Friday, October 21, 2011

Health Tips News: - Summer Makeup Tips

1. When the weather is very hot, and then set aside the base and there is a problem with your skin color or irregular discoloration, then you need to mix your moisturizer base. This is the best treatment for the skin.

2. The second suggestion is the best summer you can use the powder foundation, which provides an easy and natural-looking coverage, and also gives control of oil.

3. Use a little 'of concealer to hide dark circles. You can use the product to hide them, these products are tinted moisturizer, but it should contain a sunscreen is a mixture, it is best to blend the foundation and moisturizer, and is suitable for the summer season.

4th Use a sunscreen in summer and bronze is an easy way to shine a bright sun.

5. For the eye makeup! That contrasts with the color of eye shadow you choose. His gaze during the summer must be equal to the natural and easy. Avoid dark color of his eyes. Use an off-white shade or bright blue eyes as blue and baby pink will look as fresh and open eyes.

6. Avoid using eyeliner and create a band of courageous eyes. You must use only the pages open eyes.

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